Monday, January 11, 2016

Balthazar, Gaspar, and Melchior (Week 44)

Hello Everyone!!!!

3 Kings day parade
Greetings from Kraków, big news... There has been snow on the ground like all week, it got really cold last week then it snowed for a while, but it's warm again so a lot of the snow has melted.

It's been a good week, we have spent a lot of time doing finding trying to get some more new investigators. There have been some good things that have come out of that, and we also got to do a lot of cool other stuff this week.

Random pic while tracting
On Monday night we went to visit Teresa, she has been a member here for a really long time. She's pretty old, unfortunately she hasn't come to church in a while, so we were going out to visit her and see why that was. It was pretty funny, we went in and sat down and she immediately went back in the kitchen to start making us food. So we just talked with her while she was doing that, and we talked with her Grandson Oskar. He was hilarious, he's like 10. The food was delicious, she made us these hash brown type things, but they were different than normal hash browns, more polish. Also this soup (can't remember what it's called) its made from spoiled rye, its actually really tasty. It was really cool getting to see her, hopefully she will start coming to church again.
On Wednesday the Daltons had us take our Lunch hour and check out the 3 Kings day Parades. 3 Kings day is huge here, its a really big holiday. So basically they have a special mass in 3 different cathedrals throughout Kraków then afterwards all the people from the mass, plus a bunch more people make big processions and march from the Cathedrals into the Rynek, then everyone hangs out in the Rynek and sings carols and stuff. We only stayed long enough to see 1 of the parades come in, they had a group of Brazilian drummers with them and it was super cool.

Then later that day we went to go caroling, because its a thing that on 3 Kings Day catholic priests go caroling and bless doors. So we tried it, unfortunately people kept trying to pay us (we put the money back in their mailbox's) or people would say they already got caroled to and close the door on us. We also tried to carol to these deaf people... i was the only person we didn't realize they were deaf right away, so I looked pretty dumb caroling by myself to a couple deaf people. It was pretty fun.

We had Zone Training in Katowice on Thursday, that was awesome, we talked a lot about morning exercise and how we can start our days off better with that. Then we talked about Morning prayers, and that it's a bad idea to roll over first thing in the morning and start praying b/c then you fall asleep almost immediately. We also talked about ways we can have more effective Comp Studies.

The Wisła is frozen. The swans just walk across.
On Saturday we had the opportunity to have Alex with us, he is a recent convert from Indonesia, I might have talked about him last week, if not, he is awesome. We got to teach our investigator Tomasz with him, I don't know if you guys remember Tomasz from last time I was here, but he is still investigating. It was a super cool meeting, we had it at the Strobel's house and Alex was there (triple member lesson) and he committed to work towards baptism on the 6th of February, so we're praying for him to be ready by then.

And now a little bit of a spiritual though: I have been studying the book of Acts lately, I started looking through it because I was wondering a lot about how the early Apostles had the courage to speak so boldly and proclaim their faith with such power. I was impressed by a few things, but one specifically is when Peter is arrested shortly after the Martyrdom of James, we read that "Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him." And then later we know that an Angel came and delivered Peter from the prison. Then when he returned to the house of Mary he found "many ... gathered together praying." I think that sometimes I underestimate the power of prayer, that God will answer prayers and perform miracles, if we have the faith to ask.
My Bible collection

That's pretty much everything worth talking about for this week.

Love you!
-Elder Everett

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