Monday, February 8, 2016

Fun week so far! (Week 48)

Fun week so far! We started it off with a really good exchange with the Wrocław Elders, Elder Blunt and Elder Park. They came in on Monday and we got some good work done with them while they were here.

Tuesday we had district meeting, it was really fun because I felt like I had barely prepared at all, and the night before I got a text from President saying that he was coming. It was really good though, we talked about the role of the Book of Mormon in conversion. Totally nailed it, we also talked about boosting our English class and Elder Mulder and I took the responsibility of going to the local universities and trying to talk to some of the English professors. That was fun. We went to Politechnika University which is right by the chapel later in the week and we totally got kicked out. They called security and were kinda freaking out, it was a much bigger deal than it should have been. But we will try again at a different university.
Elder Mulder, Elder Park, Elder Blunt and me
After district meeting on tuesday we had a couple of meetings, because we had 2 Elder companionships in Kraków we had 2 at the same time. It was fun, Elder Blunt and I taught English to this lady named Basia, one of our English students. It was really good, we had a good discussion about the gospel afterwards and invited her to meet with the Sister missionaries to learn about the church, but she said she is too busy right now :( While we were doing that the other Elders met with a man named Jerzy. I had set up with him over the phone because he was an old former investigators, not realizing who he was. When he got there we realized that he is a guy who comes to church almost every week, but we don't usually meet with because he just spends the whole lesson making word connections whenever we meet. He will say things like, Woda(water)--Water--Wat--Wait--Weight--eight-osiem (means eight in polish)--ocean. Then he will draw deep spiritual meanings out of these word connections. So we usually don't meet. But the Elders had a really fun time.

Other than that we had some good tracting later that day, we met some cool people, but so far nothing has really come out of that.

We had a really good English Class on Wednesday, we had a bunch of people in all the classes and then a lot of them stayed after for Book of Mormon reading, hopefully some of those people will turn into investigators at some point.

On Thursday we had a pretty cool experience. The previous night during planning we had planned on doing a whiteboard with the sisters, and we had the random thought to do it at this place called Salwator, where we have never done a whiteboard before. So we got to the chapel and we were planning on going and doing that, but it started snowing super hardcore. We were thinking about canceling and doing something else until it stopped snowing, but we decided to go anyways. It was super good that we went because we met this super cool guy who was really interested named Pacyfik (Pacific, as in the ocean).

Also Thursday was a polish holiday. It's called Tłusty Czwartek - Fat Thursday. Basically the holiday is just that people eat a ton of Pączki which are pretty much donuts. Stores have tons of them and they are on sale usually. I only ate 8 because I was lame, but the record for the most any missionary in recent history has eaten is 38.

Other than that, we are still meeting with Sassan - our Iranian investigator. he is super cool and has been reading the Book of Mormon a ton. We gave him a children's Book of Mormon story book in English because he doesn't speak good enough English to read the Book of Mormon in English and the Persian only has selected chapters so he is reading the children's book so he can understand the story line.

I think that's about it for this week, Do Widzenia!

Love you

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