Monday, August 22, 2016

Agnieszka got Baptized!!!!! (Week 76)

Agnieszka's Special Day

It's been a good week here in Poland, we have had a kinda crazy week so I'll just start from the top:

I last emailed on Tuesday while I was with Elder Fuhriman, he is awesome. We spent the rest of P-day in Legnica, then went to a lesson with Agnieszka, we taught the Law of Tithing (we taught all the commandments this week, luckily she is super prepared so she had no problems/she already read gospel principles so she knows all of them) It went really well, she agreed to live it, no problems. Sister Zań was on the lesson with us and it was really helpful because there were a couple words I didn't know that she helped out with.

After that we went back to Wrocław and slept there, then we got up early the next morning (4am) and went to Warsaw to get our trainees, I slept the whole train ride there haha. We got to the trainer meeting and it was really good, President talked about how the Savior taught people when it was one on one. Then we had a little break, Sister Turek gave Elder Fuhriman and I bread because we hadn't eaten yet (it was like noon at this point)

The trainee assignment meeting started and it was really strange because President spoke the whole time in English. He had us all stand up and say where we were serving and say a little bit about the city, then he assigned all the trainers. I was the last one to get a trainee, his name is Elder Trey Blackwell. He is from Lehi Utah, left on his mission 3 weeks after he graduated High School. He is a pretty funny kid, he really likes the Clarinet, and I think he plans on studying engineering. He speaks really good polish, he understands the grammer really well, he just needs to work on learning new words and understanding. And accent... the american accent is very very strong.

We got back in Legnica at like 18:30 and we went straight to another lesson with Agnieszka about the Law of Chastity, which wasn't too hard to teach, but it was kinda funny because it was Elder Blackwell's first ever lesson. We did it at the Zan's house and at one point Sister Zan was like "newbies don't really understand anything their first day, so you can say honestly anything and he wont understand a word of it, then she started making up idioms that don't exist, it was pretty funny and Elder Blackwell just nodded and smiled the whole time.

On Thursday we had a miracle, Dad's email to Lukasz was really effective! Lukasz called and said he wanted to meet, so we met and he told us that he read Dad's email about anti-mormon stuff and decided he wants to keep  meeting and learning about the church. He isn't sure about baptism yet, but it is still an option. We are going to meet with him and his mom on Wednesday or Thursday.

Friday went well, we met with a guy named Dawid, he is 21 years old and is a computer graphics designer. He is super cool and super open, but feels like all roads lead to God, and there is no 1 true church. So we are going to work with him on that. On Saturday we met again and he accepted to work towards a baptismal date of the 28th of September, so we will see how that goes.

Then later we met with a lady named Mariola that we tracted into a couple weeks ago. She told us about her brother who recently passed away and we bore testimony of eternal families and Gods plan, it was pretty cool. As we were walking away her dog came running up and took a big old bite of my calf. I didn't actually realize what happened, I thought he just ran away, then Mariola started yelling at the dog and I realized my calf actually kinda hurt. It was the first time I got bit by a dog on my mission.

That evening we met with Agnieszka and taught the last commandments: Prayer, Scripture Study and Obedience, then she had her Baptismal interview with Elder Mulder. She passed.

That night was really fun because I got to hang out with 2 of my former companions: Elder Wood and Elder Mulder. We had some good times and reminisced on the good old days.

The next day the Elders had to leave early unfortunately, so they didn't get to stay for the baptism, but we went over and it started around noon. We had to wait a little while for all the members to make it, because we had it at their house and they live like 30 minutes away in a little village. I had a short talk about baptism, and Sister Zań gave another talk on the gift of the holy ghost then the primary sang "I love to look for rainbows". It was really really good. Then we went out in the backyard where they have an above ground pool and I got to baptize her. It was super awesome, the spirit was really strong. Afterwards she bore her testimony and we stayed and had refreshments. It was seriously an awesome event and I'm glad that I could be a part of it. She is totally prepared by the Lord and she will be an amazing member.

I'm so glad to be on a mission, especially now that I have seen some fruits of the labor. I will admit that it was has been a little frustrating having gone a year and a half on my mission and I didn't really feel like I had helped the church in Poland in a very significant way. But I understand now that the Lord works on his own time table and he prepares people to receive the Gospel, I know they are there and I can't wait to keep finding more.

The confirmation was also really good, President Zań confirmed her a membr of the church and it was perfect.

Love you guys and hopefully I will have some more good things happen next week.

-Elder Everett

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