Monday, July 20, 2015

"Jiggy, Jiggy, Party Hard" -German Guy (Week 20)

Hello Everyone!

Well, we got another great week over here in Poland. We starting out the week on a high note, the Zone leaders came down from Katowice to do a Zone training about including Jesus Christ more in our missionary work, and helping the Branches here become self-sufficient. This is critical, because without missionaries, I'm not sure if the church would function in Poland. We are trying to get the Branch members more involved in planning things, and getting them to actually do home teaching. Its a work in progress but a work nonetheless.

So my subject line is from while the Zone Leaders were here. We were all doing a group contacting activity near the Rynek on the Plantach. Elder Garcia was with us, he is Austrian and is a native German speaker, so when I contacted someone and they responded in English, and I found out he was from Germany, I immediately pulled Elder Garcia into the contact. He spoke to Elder Garcia for a few minutes in German, then as he was leaving asked us where some good places to Party were around here. We don't know any party places so we told him that we didn't know. He basically was dumbfounded that we don't party. It was pretty funny, but as he walked away he said to us: "See you guys... Jiggy, Jiggy, Party Hard!" It was hilarious.

On Wednesday we met with this cool guy named Michał ( =Micheal) He is an older gentleman who works as a professor at AGH university here in Kraków. It was a short meeting because one of his students was calling him asking for help, so he had to leave after about 15 minutes. He was really cool, and we had a really good conversation about the Apostasy and the role of the Book of Mormon in restoring the Church of Jesus Christ.

So I forgot to mention but we got these cool new toys. Not really toys, they are big banners about 5 feet tall and a foot and a half wide. They have cool stuff like Jestem Mormonem/Jestem Mormonką (I'm a mormon) and pictures of Jesus with quotes from the bible. We can set them up when we go contact people. They are pretty cool, but the blow over really easily. So we need to find a way to stop that/only use them on non windy days.

On Friday we really started to get to work on strengthening the branch, we met with the Branch Mission Leader, and the Branch President and made a game plan to help the branch. A lot of it is Home teaching, basically we as missionaries are going to try and be on most home teaching appointments.

Saturday was interesting. We were planning on spending most of the day out in this area called Czerwone Maki, at the end of the bus line, far out of the city. But when we got out there, there were 0 people on the street. It was bizarre. So basically we went back into Centrum and contacted people around the Rynek and had some good conversations with people. Its pretty annoying how everyone goes on vacation here, the city is very empty.

That's basically my week in short.

Love you and miss you!
-Starszy Everett

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