Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas time is here! (Week 41)

Well, as transfers approach things have been getting kinda crazy. I was just flipping through my planner seeing what we did this week and it was pretty much a madhouse up here in Warsaw.

Elder Wilcox
Since Christmas is this Friday we have been doing a couple different things to get prepared for that, for example we have been going to all kinds of retirement homes, homeless shelters, and children's hospitals trying to find service/seeing if we can do caroling. Elder Cowley and I found a pretty good gig at this Retirement home. We went in and talked to the director and she was super excited that we were there and asked us to go on Wednesday and do a big old performance, we are basically their Christmas party. So we are going to do that and it's going to be awesome.

Other than that we have been doing caroling on the Rynek and handing out "A Savior is Born" passalong cards. We were actually just doing that last night, we invited some members and the other Warsaw district and we went and sang carols and talked to people. Elder Jeffs was given a Santa suit by President Edgren and little kids kept coming up to him and talking to him. It was pretty hilarious. He introduced himself as American Santa.

Old Town
Cool miracle that happened yesterday, in order to explain this I need to go back to All Saints Day at the beginning of the transfer. During the Open House on All Saints Day this guy Marek came in and started talking to Bogdan (Member). Bogdan is awesome, he has a lot of enthusiasm about the gospel, but he sometimes gets a little too excited and tells people a little too much. He talked to Marek for like and hour before we noticed and went and talked with them. At the end we gave Marek a Book of Mormon and got his phone number. Ever since then I have been calling him trying to set up a meeting and he always says that he will be in church and we can talk then. But he never came... Until yesterday. He came and he has read half the Book of Mormon already, he was super into Gospel Principles class and asked if he could borrow the book. Elder Cowley was talking to him and he said that he already feels like this church is true, so we will see where that goes. Also he really liked church, he said he felt the Spirit really strong. Super cool.

On Tuesday I had an Exchange with Elder Jeffs, because the Assistents do exchanges with all the Zone Leaders. It was awesome, he is super cool. We talked about being Assistent a little bit, he said that he was surprised at how involved they are in Transfers. To the extent that they decide some of the Transfers and President gives the okay. Elder Cowley and I tried our best to squeeze some information out of them about where we are going/what is happening next transfer but to no avail.

While we were on exchange we met with some cool guys, Michał is a former from like a year ago that got in contact with the sisters in Kraków somehow and asked to meet. He is awesome, he's about 28 years old, and is an entrepreneur. In high school he said he did Bible Competitions, which is a state sponsered sport apparently. And he even got extra points toward his college admissions when he won competitions.

We also met with Nazar, who is Ukrainian. He was really really cool, the sisters contacted him on a tram and he was mostly interested in English, but we slipped in a gospel lesson at the end. 

Other than that we are still meeting with Bogdan and Anatolii, Bogdan is going back to visit their family in Ukraine on Tuesday but Anatolii has to stay here because he is waiting on his Visa. We met with Anatolii on Saturday and it was a really good lesson. We talked a lot about Baptism, he wouldn't agree to a date to be baptized, but is going to pray about it. Bogdan has a huge test today so unfortunately he couldn't make it to the meeting.

Jessica asked about my French investigator. He is actually from Rhuonda, but he speaks French mainly, and medium English and Polish. If I spoke better french we could just teach him in French (its slow going trying to teach in English). He is busy through the holidays, so we are meeting with him again in January.

Sunday was fun, we had a Christmas Program put on by the Jones's in church. The missionaries sang a lot, and a lot of it was in English, but it was really good despite the amount of English that went on. But besides that there were a ton of non-members in Church. I think every companionship had at least one investigator in church. It was epic.

Then Sunday night we went around with the Jones's and drove to every missionary apartment in Warsaw I. They had to do cleaning checks, but they don't know how to work a GPS or find any of the apartments so we went with them. It was pretty fun. Also I got a big bag of Swedish Fish from the assistants so that was cool.

Alright, that's it for this week!

Love you and talk to you soon! 
-Elder Everett

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