Monday, May 16, 2016

Diligence (Week 62)

Good stuff this week, it was good getting to start off the week with some face to face contact with you guys, definitely a blessing. We started off on Tuesday with a bunch of lessons, we had back to back lessons from 13-17 with Bev, Tommy, Maya, and Jake. It was super good, Bev was just English help, but that was fun. Elder Wood was falling asleep the whole time during that one. Tommy was good, we talked to him about the Plan of Salvation we didn't get all the way through though. Then after that we met with Bev and Maya, we taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ so basically repentance, baptism, faith, holy ghost and all the good stuff. It was kinda funny because they walked in acting all weird, we asked them if they were all right and they said not really but wouldn't tell us why. We ended up sitting down and they explained that they had looked through some Anti-Mormon stuff, so we answered their questions then taught our lesson. It ended up going really well and Maya actually committed to be baptized on the 11th of next month, so we will be working towards that.
Bev and Maya are kinda funny because they have a very strange relationship, they are best friends but sometimes they get in fights. For example they are in one right now and Bev won't answer phone calls from Maya, they are awesome though.
Our last meeting on Thursday was with Jake, he came back to church last week and we set up a meeting, he has read the whole Book of Mormon and said that he believes it is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet and he even said that he feels that answer is from God. Seriously an awesome miracle. We just need to help him understand what that means for him, that this church is the only true church. I think if we got him to understand that he would be willing to join the church.
We totally dropped the ball on Wednesday, we had a meeting set up with Ally on Thursday and we asked Sally if she would come be on the meeting with us, and she was willing, but for some reason when i was telling her about the meeting I said Wednesday... So when Wednesday rolled around we got a call from Sally wondering where we were... It was super bad, so she was kinda mad at us, but she said we could make it up to her by helping her with English so she isn't mad anymore. Also she flaked us when we were planning on helping her with English so we are even.
Later on Wednesday we had Zone Training, we learned about Diligence and finding people, and inviting people to get baptized and stuff. So pretty classic stuff.
We actually met with Ally on Thursday, it was pretty good, she didn't really read so we talked about the importance of that.
We went out to visit Adam on Saturday and his roommate joined our lesson, they are both from some branch off of the 7th Day Adventist church. His roommate Soren knew the bible really well, and I was actually really surprised that he basically understands all the basic doctrines of the gospel correctly, like we were talking about the Priesthood being restored to Joseph Smith and he was describing the difference between the Melchizedek Priesthood and the Aaronic Priesthood really well. It was fun. It was also cool because he would support the stuff we were teaching with the bible while we were teaching.

Sunday was good, we had a somewhat light sacrament meeting attendance but we had a couple visitors and there was a good amount of people. There were too many English speakers and not enough head set translators, so I had to translate from the Pulpit which is always annoying because it slows down the meeting a ton.
Other than that, there isn't much crazy news from this week, love you guys!

-Elder Everett

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