Monday, May 9, 2016

Dużo Cudów (Week 61)

Dużo Cudów this week. I'll probably just tell a couple of the stories that I told during our skype and include any others that I happen to remember.
So on Tuesday we had a miracle, mostly because it was just a really good day overall. It really restored my faith in a line of the white handbook which says that sundays and holidays are the best days for teaching and finding. My past experience with trying to tract on holidays has been a lot of rejection and people getting angry, but on Tuesday, which was constitution day here, we had a lot of success tracting. Actually we set up a return appointment which we are going to tonight. He told us "Its funny you guys came because I am actually really interested in your church." That was pretty cool.

We also had a couple other good conversations but nobody set up that time.

We also got a new investigator on Tuesday, her name is Maria. It was really interesting how we got in contact with her and her friend Basia. So basically Basia called and told us she wanted to meet and so we set up a meeting knowing literally nothing about her. She came and brought her friend Maria (Marysia is the same person, so i might use both names). Basia is a member, she was baptised in Chicago, but she has been inactive fore about 7 or so years. But she wants to get active again, and her friend Marysia is interested in the church, and seems to be pretty serious about investigating. They are a bit older, but really really nice. This was a direct answer to prayer too, because we have been praying to find more Polish members, and we were thinking we would find people to baptize, but the lord decided to send us a less active.

On Thursday we had a cool experience tracting, we were doing our normal gig. Basically knocking doors and telling people who we are. And eventually a lady let us in, so we went up to her house (the building had 3 floors and each one had a different living quarters, her kids live on those floors). We sat down and got to teach her about the Restoration. She was also a bit older, but really willing to listen and committed to read and pray. And when we asked if we could come back she said "I don't think so, I already have faith, I'm not looking for anything else", but right then she was flipping through the Book of Mormon and read: "Wo be unto him that shall say: We have received the word of God, and we need no more of the word of God, for we have enough!" And she read it out loud to us and basically said the book quoted her. So she said we could come back. Awesome

Then later we kept tracting, and we saw these huge storm clouds running in. So Elder Wood and I counseled with each other to try and decide if we should stay and keep tracting, or go back to avoid getting soaked. So we prayed for guidance, and didn't feel anything too strongly, so Elder Wood said "Lets keep going!" So we turned around to keep tracting and right as we started walking towards the storm we saw a huge lighting bold streak across the sky. We took that as a sign we needed to go home. When we got home we went to grab some food at the supermarket under our house b/c we had no food. And we got into line, and the guy ahead of me in line kept staring at me so I said "Cześć" he replied "Hey! Hows it going" in English. I said good, then he checked out and left. Then when we left we saw him waiting for us .Apparently we contacted him like 3 months ago and never got ahold of him. But he still wanted to meet, so we set up a meeting. Miracle.

We were set up with this lady to teach English at a high school she worked at on Saturday. That was kinda funny, because we went and nobody was expecting us, but we eventually found the class. It was really awkward because we went in and explained who we were, and all the students were like "No, we don't have anything planned today..." (liars, why else would they be in school on a Saturday). So we asked if they would be interested anyway in having a quick English lesson. But they told us they were just about to go home, then started leaving. It was super lame.

On sunday I gave a talk, It was pretty good. It was about Baptism, I kinda had to wing it because I had no time to prepare much, but it was good nonetheless. I also had to play piano for two hymns in church because the Daltons were in Kielce. That was rough. I played Praise to the Man (right hand only) and There is a Green Hill Far Away (right hand only) and Elder Wood played We thank the O' God for a Prophet (right hand only) It was really really bad, neither of us are piano players. But we didn't disrupt the spirit too bad, so it was okay.

Okay that's all the stories that are coming to my head right now, so I'll finish up. I love you guys and know the church is true!

-Starszy Everett

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