Thursday, March 5, 2015

First Week in the MTC!!!!! (Week 1)

The MTC is both one of the best and one the hardest things i have ever done. Dad mentioned that he wanted to get a run-down of my daily schedule... I think Siostra Pierson gave the best summary of our days: we wake up, eat, study, eat, study, eat, study, sleep. That is exactly what we do. But more specifically we wake up at 6:30 then get ready for breakfast at 7:15. We usually eat breakfast with our zone (which is all the missionaries going to Poland, Czech, Slovania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia etc... its all the Adriatic north countries and a lot of eastern Europe) and hang out and talk for the 45 or so minutes we have to eat. After breakfast we head straight for class, we will usually have a teacher and have about 3-4 hours of classroom instruction (all of which is in Polish, our teachers are not allowed to speak English to us except in very rare situations). After our first class we head to lunch, then back to class. The second block is generally Personal, Companionship, then Language study where we prepare our lesson for our "Investigator" that evening (the investigator is just one of the teachers who hasn't started teaching us yet). Then we have a 45 minute gym break then dinner, teach a lesson, more study time, then bed at 10:30.
Everett, Little, Mulder, Garrison, McPherson, Klein, Pierson, Carlson, Allowitz

As you can probably see, the days are super long and busy.

I don't have my camera right now but in a couple hours I will send a picture of my district, everyone is really awesome! My companions name is Starszy (Christian) Little, he is from Sandy Utah and is a huge scouter, he talks about scout camp basically all the time. He has some pretty funny stories but there is not time for me to tell you about them right now.

The other Elders in my district are Starszy Mulder, Garrison, McPherson, and Klein. We all get along really well and help each other with the language all the time.  There are 9 of us, and only 1 Polish district in the MTC at a time. The previous one only had 1 elder and 2 sisters. All the missions in our zone are on 9 week transfers. In Turkey there are only 14 elders allowed at a time, no sisters. (we don't have any Turkish elders yet but 4 are coming next week along with 2 Bulgarian elders). We probably have one of the most diverse districts - as far as language goes - in the MTC. We have like 10 or so languages and some only have 1 person learning it. Can you imagine being alone in a classroom learning a language!

Speaking of the language, learning Polish is the hardest thing I have ever done. I get grammatical concepts pretty easily but I cannot memorize vocab to save my life. I pray every day for help in the language but I still have lots of problems with memorization. Speaking of memorization, not only do I have to memorize how to conjugate verbs, but apparently we also have to learn how to conjugate nouns and adjectives! (not really conjugate, its called declinate and basically makes nouns/adjectives mean different things). We haven't learned too much about that yet but we will soon and I'm not excited for that.

Pray for me to learn this language please!

Elder Evans (Lisa Jacob's dad) gave our Tuesday night devotional this week, it was really amazing. His wife Sister Jacobs told a really cool story about when they were Mission Presidents in Japan. She said that despite not knowing the language so would go out every morning and say good morning to everyone she passed. Eventually she said good morning to this man and he responded with "Good Morning" in English. Long story short he was an inactive member and ended up becoming reactivated and got sealed to his family. Super Cool. This story gave me a lot of hope because it made me realize that despite being terrible at learning polish, as long as I do as much as I can, the Lord will bless me with being an effective missionary. I just have to try my hardest and he will make up the rest.

Anyway, time is really short here so that's probably all I'm going to write for this week.

I love/miss everyone back at home especially my family.

Starszy Everett

P.S. My mailing address is:
Elder William Henry Everett
2007 N 900 E Unit 53
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Please send me Dear Elders and letters! They mean a ton!

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