Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hello from the MTC! (Week 4)


Despite having no apostles at our devotionals this week (sorry dad) it was a really great week. The language is coming a lot better, I am hovering around 20-25 words per day which is pretty good because we are also learning a ton of grammatical concepts every day. The grammar has become the hardest part at this point because it is so different from English grammar on a conceptual level. It seems like every time I get comfortable with something we learn something else that makes everything 5 times harder.

The language is coming better though, I can tell that we are starting to learn at a very accelerated pace. I think after my 4 weeks here my polski is probably better than the french I had after 3 years of high school.

Tell Grandma and Grandpa a huge thank you from me for the fudge, that made my day. I wasn't sure who it was from until today though because the package had no information on it at all. I figured it was from someone I was related to but I didn't know who.

Mom asked about the food, it's pretty good I guess. It's all you can eat but usually it's not a question of how much I can eat but rather than how much I am willing to eat because it's not the best tasting food in the world, but who can blame them? The MTC has to feed so many missionaries you can't expect a 5 star meal every day.

We had a really cool discussion with our teacher Brat Smalley yesterday, we were talking about the Plan of Salvation and we started talking a lot about how it can bless people's lives so much. It's wonderful to think that an idea like eternal families which seems so simple to me can be so fundamentally different from how another person may have been taught.

So crazy thing happened last night, I dreamed about speaking polish. I was reciting vocab and scriptures that I had memorized! I guess the full immersion thing is starting to get to me.

Dowiedzenia moja rodzina!

-Starszy Everett

PS. Dad, I haven't taken the picture of the MTC map thing because I never have my camera with me while I'm in 1M. The only time I'm ever there is to eat and we aren't supposed to have cameras in the cafeteria. I can't go take one now because you need to be in proselyting attire to go into that building but I'll try and take one either later today or sometime this week.

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