Thursday, April 2, 2015

Made it 5 weeks!

It's been another week in the MTC, I feel like writing good emails is hard because every week is basically the same thing. I will try and include everything that was interesting however.

So our Tuesday devotional was really good this week, we had Elder and Sister Teh of the 1st quorum of the 70 come, their talks were both prime. Sister Teh gave this object lesson type thing about a the buses that they have in the Philippines, where they are from. She talked about how the driver will try and fill up the bus to the absolute maximum capacity, including people sitting on the roof, hood, handing of the back, and sitting on the floor in the middle of the bus. Then they will put other supplies and stuff hanging off the sides and on the roof. The point of the lesson was that sometimes when we feel overburdened like the buses do, we need to rely on the lord to help build us up. She said that those buses require lots of love and maintenance to run that way for a long time. We need the same thing through the atonement.

Elder Teh's talk was really good as well he talked a little about Ammon and how we can try to be better missionaries like him. We also sang Did You Think To Pray in the choir which was really good.

Our MTC Zone (I am in the back row)
We got new elders this week in the zone, they are really great. There are 3 Croatian elders and 1 Slovenian Elder. They are all really good guys and it was really fun to help them out with their first day.

Speaking of which, Starszy Little and I were called as Zone Leaders as of this week, so we got to help welcome the new elders and show them around a little bit. We also get a cell phone, so that's pretty weird. It's barely a real cell phone though because it only receives calls from the front desk, but it's weird seeing it in the MTC.

I am super grateful that I was called to Poland because they do not require visas! It was a bummer because the Bulgarian sisters who left on Monday all got reassigned to the Chicago West mission (which has the highest # of Bulgarian speakers outside of Bulgaria) hopefully it is a temporary reassignment. Luckily I do not have to worry about that at all because Poland is amazing and doesn't need any of that.

This week is a bit weird because the people that we came in with who are in 6 week languages are leaving on Monday so they all got their travel plans. Whereas we are still here for another month. As much as I love the MTC, i am extremely anxious to get to Poland and actually start doing missionary work!

Kocham was moja rodzina! (I love you my family)

-Starszy Everett

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