Saturday, April 11, 2015

Conference Weekend (Week 6)

Well, this week was prettz fun (just realized I still had the polish keyboard on which switches the z and the y, I'm leaving it because it's pretty funny). General conference was amazing, it was great to hear from the prophet and his apostles. I really liked the talk by the French guy (not sure what his name is) but he talked about how he took his family all over Europe to see all these amazing things, but they had never seen the Eiffel Tower. I realized that I have been here in the MTC with all these opportunities to have an amazing experience that I haven't been taking full advantage of because I have been looking too much to getting out and getting to Poland.
The classic MTC map photo

We had a really cool speaker this week on Tuesday, he was the area president of the Asia North area I believe. I think his name was Elder Gong, he spoke to us about how we can teach to people without a Christian background. He shared a really cool quote by Elder Holland about how we all were together with Christ in the pre-existence, so even if someone has never heard his name in mortality, the message and name of Christ will ring true in their heads and some may even remember echos of his name.

Well funny story about polish, I've been reading the new testament (in English) and I wanted to look up the parable of the 10 virgins in polish. I was reading it and apparently in polish the word for fools is głupcy which literally means "the stupids" so in polish it is the about "the stupids" who forgot the oil in their lamp. It's is pretty funny sometimes how things translate in polish because there are a lot fewer polish words than English so one polish word will mean about 5 or more things in English.

Close-up of the classic MTC map photo...
I've been getting to know the Elders in my zone better and they are really awesome. It was funny on Wednesday because it snowed and the elder from Florida had never seen snow before in his life so he was freaking out about it.

So both Mom and Dad, both of you asked about that two brothers documentary. No I did not see it, but as a fun fact Tommy Nelson (now Elder Nelson) from my floor at BYU is their youngest brother. He just left the MTC but a couple of weeks before he left a camera crew was following him around and interviewing him so you can probably expect a short segment about him coming in the next couple of years.

I finally took that picture in front of the map, I don't have my camera right now but I will send it later (around 4) so Dad can be finally appeased.

I don't have much else to say other than that I'm having a great time, the language is coming a lot faster. I have been spending really good time in the scriptures and really feel like my relationship with my Heavenly Father is getting much stronger.

Kocham Was!

-Starszy Everett

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