Monday, April 20, 2015

McKay Roe (Week 8)

[Early Sunday morning, William's parents informed the MTC of the passing of McKay Roe (William's cousin), who died on the previous evening - April 18, 2015. William sent this letter on Sunday afternoon.]

I heard about McKay this morning. They called me into the District President's office and let me know. They told me that I could email home and let you know that I'm doing okay. I feel very sad for John, Tauna, Matthew, Hannah, and Tyler. Please let them know that they are on my mind and in the prayers of my whole district. It has been weird however because I have felt almost happy for McKay.

Clockwise: John & Tauna Roe, Tyler, McKay, Hannah and Matthew
I was thinking about this year's New Years celebration up in Logan. I have this memory going through my head of McKay having a bit of a seizure. What amazed me however was how John picked him with so much love, and once McKay was in his fathers arms he seemed to feel more at peace. I remember how lovingly John held him and comforted him, bringing peace to his soul.

This is what I imagine McKay is doing right now. He has had such a hard life and now I'm sure the Lord is embracing him and that McKay finally feels at peace. I can imagine McKay running around and greeting everyone he encounters in the Spirit World and finally getting to use the voice that he has been unable to use for his whole mortal life.

It makes me so happy, because I KNOW that he is happy.

Today during Sacrament meeting our opening hymn was "Be Still My Soul". It brought me to tears because I McKay's soul can finally be at peace.

If you could would you forward this on to John and Tauna, I know that this time is probably really hard for them, but I hope that they can know that are in at least one missionary's prayers.

I love you,

Elder Everett

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