Monday, June 22, 2015

"Ale Wysoki!" - Random Polish Child (Week 16)

Zakopane, border of Poland and Slovakia
K, so I have like zero time today because the library closes in 15 minutes...

So today we took culture night, basically once a transfer we can take the time from 18-21 to do something cultural. So we went to this town called Zakopane which is on the border from Poland to Slovakia. You can normally take a ski lift up, but for some reason it was closed so we instead bought some water and hiked up. It was about a 5 hour hike both ways and was so worth it. We got some pictures at the Border, and while we were at the top some gentleman kindly informed us that if we were going to fall to make sure we fell on the Poland side, because rescues are free in Poland and super expensive in Slovakia LOL.

The title is from while we were contacting in Park imię Jordana, Elder Jackson and I were on exchanges and some kid on his bike while he was walking past looked up at me and said "Ale Wysoki!" which literally translates to "But tall!" and means something like So High! it was pretty funny and we got a good laugh out of it.
Random Selfie

Funny story, yesterday we were out tracting. In Poland they have these huge apartment buildings and we usually will ring people on the Domophone (little intercom box at the gate/door) and ask to share a message. So we were doing this and somebody let us into the building but a security guard told us we had to leave (which actually we don't have to, its not against the law to tract) but we left nonetheless and continued calling on the domophone, but after about 30 minutes of that he came out and told us to leave again. This happened 2 other times. It was pretty funny, but we got some people who were interested and asked us to come back so its totally worth it.
Mom, I did a hand-stand!!
So this week I was challenged to drink 7 boxes of Plumm juice, its basically this super cheap juice, it costs like 2 zlots for 2 liters. So basically I had to drink 14 liters of juice in 7 days. I only got through 6 boxes but it was awesome. I should have taken a picture of all the empty cartons but I threw away the first like 3.

It rained super crazy hard on Friday, which is terrible because we were planning on doing contacting outside all day, but the problem is that people don't particularly want to talk about God while they are soaking wet so we did a lot of area book work instead. We also tried to contact but it was pretty miserable so we went tracting.

This is pretty much my week in summary, sorry for such a terrible email but I need to go! The library is kicking me out!

Okay, so I got back on but I don't have any time now either so I will go ahead and send this.


Starszy Everett

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