Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Zone Conference and Exchanges and Stuff (Week 13)

The Castle Ogrodzieniec
Bardzo Przepraszam, I don't have a ton of time this week because we went to visit some members for our P-day. The members live in Mielec which is like a 2 hour bus ride away then we spent 2 hours there and it took all day... It was really fun because Brother Pawlik, the member we visited works for a company that makes Cobras and so we went to their Factory thing and checked it out. They hand make every car out of Aluminum then send it to the States to put engines in and stuff. Also Sister Pawlik is from Burbank, which is pretty close to us.

Elder Jackson and I
Capture the Flag at Ogrodzieniec
Last P-day we went to Ogrodzieniec and played Capture the flag which was awesome, then I went to Katowice and had an extended exchange. Basically we figured it would be easier to just stay in Katowice all the way from Monday to Thursday because we all had to go to Warsaw on Thursday for Zone Conference. It was fun, we had a lesson with this guy who basically met with the missionaries because we were fun to talk to but had trouble finding faith to pray or read. So we gave him a lesson on faith and it was awesome.

We also did a whiteboard with the Sisters while we were there and it was kinda funny because some really drunk guy (at 2 in the afternoon) came up and started talking to the sisters. He basically told one of them that she was really pretty then started like grabbing her arm so her companion came up and intervened, but then the drunk guy kept walking up to them so I walked in and stood about 2 inches from the guy. I was about 8 inches taller than him so I was looking straight down and I told him that I was going to share a message with him about Jesus. He said "I don't want to talk to you, I want to talk to them" then he leaned around me and pointed to the sisters, at that point I basically said "Idż" which is the command form for "Go" and he left, it was kinda funny because he was like stumbling around and had super slurred speech. Drunk people are crazy here.
Much stamping of Ulotki (pass-along cards)

Our sole Progressing Investigator Marcin is doing awesome, he is loving all our YSA activities like FHE, and Institute. He loves English class, and promised us he would go to church this week (he hasn't been yet). He is a really cool guy, and apparently only 20 years old. Might be 21 though because apparently in Poland you gain a year on January 1st not on your birthday.

Umm, that's probably it I have time for this week, love you all and miss you.
 Elder Everett

P.S. JESSICA!!!! I can't believe you're going home!!!!

Translations: Bardzo Przepraszam means "I'm very sorry."

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