Monday, September 7, 2015

"This is the last warm day of the year guys, good luck!" -Man in a park (Week 27)

Hello Everyone!

Good stuff happening in Kraków!

We started out the week with some good stuff, we taught Piotrek again. He sadly is not progressing very well. He has trouble accepting commitments to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and continually is looking for evidence that the book is true, without allowing to Spirit to bear witness to him that it is.

Here's my new coat. It's going to get REALLY cold soon.
We went to this park called Park Bednarskiego, Bednar's Park. I like it because it's like basically an apostle's park. Sadly there was nobody there on the Monday night we went so we went over to this little square. Behind us was this huge Cathedral which is beautiful, I will take a picture of it at some point. It was funny because it was dark at that point and some lady kept telling us we needed to leave because it wasn't safe. People in Kraków always tell us that though, there was no danger though, its a really well lit square in front of a church. It was kinda funny though.

We went to Zone training on Wednesday, it was fun. We learned about making effective use of studies. Halfway through we went out and contacted, it was really funny because a bunch of people got potentials and gave out like 10 book of Mormons total. But the past week the Sisters in Katowice rode the nic train, czyli they got 0 in every single column of key indicators and the elders were 1 other lesson away from the nic train. So they were complaining about how nobody stops in Katowice and its impossible to do missionary work there. Proved them wrong.

We spent most of the rest of the week until the weekend doing normal missionary things, good stuff happened, we taught Łukasz (member) how to give blessings on Friday.

On Saturday we had a packed schedule which is strange for me, usually we need to fill in time with contacting. We dropped off a Book of Mormon with this guy named Krzystof who requested one through then went to a Kingdom Hall (Jehovah's Witness Place) and talked with a guy named Jakub about prophets, then had a less active lesson with a girl named Klaudia, she came to church the next day, so success!

On Sunday we had normal church then taught another Jehovah's Witness named Waldek, it was a really good lesson and we definitely felt the spirit.

Out of time sorry!

Love you guys!

-Elder Everett

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