Monday, August 31, 2015

"Why are Mormons so rich? Do they have some kind of Enterprises?" -Piotr (Week 26)

Well, this was a kinda weird week... Mostly because we are in Limbo due to factors outside our control. Basically we are waiting on Doctors/People in Salt Lake to get back to us on what we are going to do about Elder Jackson's health, so we are just holding in there right now. Everyone pray for Elder Jackson to feel better. The beginning of the week went super well, we got a lot of stuff done and got lots of Potentials which we have been trying to call to set up with.

Elder Everett in deep thought
So on Wednesday we had a lesson with our investigator named Piotr, I mentioned him last week. He came in for another lesson and he had given us another list of questions that he had about our church while reading the BoM or just random things he though of. One of them was my subject line, which I thought was pretty funny. Anyways, we answered his questions, but for next time we made sure that we were planning on us planning a concrete lesson and we would teach it. So we set up again and in our next meeting we taught the first half of the Plan of Salvation before church. It was pretty good. He is a little skeptical of the BoM because he says there is no concrete evidence. He questions the temple in 3rd Nefi 11 because he says there is no archaeological evidence. We need to work on him growing a testimony of the Book of Mormon because then he will realize that nothing else really matters once you know its true.

Entertaining Krakow from rooftop. Not unlike Beatles last show.
So we went on like normal through Thursday and Friday, one problem we are running into is that now that we only have 2 companionships in Krakow we both have to go to service every Thursday and Friday which is at a soup kitchen. It's on the other side of Krakow however so it eats up most of our day. We are going to need to figure out a way to make that less of our day somehow. We still got some good work done, taught some lessons on the street and found some good people who we will hopefully teach at some point.

Favorite drink.  Not sure if it's actually Cactus flavored
Friday was actually a really weird day. We had service then we went from that to home to change into Proselyting clothes then went to Missionary Coordination meeting and Coordinated some missionary work. From there we went to meet a Potential near the Mall to teach her, but she cancelled last minute for some reason. So instead we contacted back to the chapel and went to institute because our investigator Piotr was there. While we were contacting I got called by President Kucia (Branch President) and he asked if I could call Romek (member) and confirm their apt. for that evening. I have no idea why he couldn't do it himself, but I am always glad to help out President Kucia. So basically we were at Institute and it was only us, the Daltons, Romek, our Eternal investigator Paweł, and our investigator Piotr. We read a really cool Liahona article and then we were going to leave. But as we were on our way out President Kucia called again and asked us to stay to have a lesson with Romek. So of course we did that. The lesson was super awkward because basically the last couple of weeks Romek has been giving these Sunday School lessons about topics such as "Godly Love", or "The Holy Ghost", or "Proof of the Existence of God". And he puts kinda strange pictures on these Powerpoints and likes to quote Catholic Priests. So basically President gave him a lesson from this "Gospel teaching" manual about how to teach Sunday school. It was pretty awkward.

Welp, that's pretty much this week in a nutshell.

Love you all,

Starszy Everett

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