Monday, October 5, 2015

"Do you have any idea what time it is?!?" -Every single polish person (Week 30)


A great week here in Lodz, Elder Guthrie and I are getting along great. We are really focusing on working hard and being as obedient as we can possible be. Which is awesome, loving the mission right now!

I think I'll start off my week with Monday! So on Monday after our P-day was over we had to go to the train station to drop off Sister Holden and Elder Wride because they were going on exchanges to Warsaw, then we had like 2 hours to kill so we went and contacted on Piotrkowska street (main street here) with Elder Wright and Sister Gustofson. It was pretty fun. Then we got to pick up Elder Wilcox and Sister Anczak from the train station and we went home. Good day.

On Tuesday we had a kinda funny experience. We had a lesson set up with this guy who was a former in our Area Book. He had a sticky note on him that said "Call in September! HE WILL BE BAPTIZED!" So of course we called him and set up. We went to the meeting and he was super not interested in the gospel. We were going to end our meeting early and leave because he told us he was totally not interested in the gospel. But he asked us if we wanted him to take us to see something cool in the city. We were going to say no, but then we realized we didn't have a dinner planned in our day because we were busy so we ended up taking dinner with him and having him show us whatever he wanted to show us.

So he took us to this big building that was under construction. We walked in and got into this really sketchy elevator and went up to the top floor. It was actually kinda sketchy because the lights were flickering and the building was heavily under construction, nowhere near being finished. But when we got to the top, we walked into this really nice room with comfy furniture and a cool view. It was apparently a view room sponsered by the city and we got a really cool look at all of Lodz. There was also a guy there who told us about all the construction going on in the city and what the plans were for all the stuff. It was actually really cool.

On Wednesday we had a pretty normal day, we dropped the Warsaw people off at the train station, then went and got lunch at this Nalesniki place (Nalesniki are Crepes, pretty much 0 difference). Then picked up Elder Wride and Sister Holden. Then that night we went tracting and visited some potentials. Unfortunately, people in Poland go to bed really early so when we knock on their door at like 7 in the evening they get really mad. But the First Presidency says that the hours between 6 PM and 9 PM are prime proselyting time to catch people at home so we continue to knock. We have had some cool success working later though, on Tuesday we went out tracting with the Sisters, we both went to the same neighborhood. Then around 7:30 the sisters went home because everyone was getting mad at them for waking up their kids, but Elder Guthrie and I pressed forward. Then the last door we knocked on, at like 8:20 (we had to catch a bus) opened up and was super open to the message and we set up a return appointment for tomorrow. It was super cool.

Conference has been amazing! President Edgren wants us to watch all the sessions. We have so far have seen them all except Sunday Afternoon. I think my favorite talk was the one that Elder Holland gave about Mothers, it was super powerful and made me realize I probably do not show my mother I appreciate her enough... I love you Mom!!! It's really cool seeing what the Prophets and Apostles think is the most important thing right now. There was a lot about the Sabbath day. It was funny because one of the members here Zosia always talks about Sabbath Day observance and that the world would be a better place if people would just keep the Sabbath Day holy. It was super cool.

That is everything from me this week!

Love you and miss you!
-Starszy Everett

PS. I have not yet bought a coat, but I will buy one before it starts getting colder. Right now what I have is fine but I will keep an eye out for a really good coat.

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