Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Warsaw! (Week 33)

This week has been great, Elder Guthrie and I have worked super hard to finish strong. We have continued to work with Wiola, she was in church again on Sunday. We actually had quite a miracle meeting with them on Sunday. So we were at the chapel eating dinner with the district (a last meal type deal) and we left a little early to make sure we would get to Wiola's house by 6:30 which was when we were set up. So we went out to the bus stop around 5 and started waiting for the bus, it didn't come. So we kept waiting. Eventually it showed up about 40 minutes late so we got on and went to the second bus stop because we had to catch a second bus. Basically we had decided that if the next bus didn't come before 6:30 we weren't going to go at all because we still had to do a bunch of stuff to clean and pack for transfers the next day. But fortunately, our next bus came 1 minute after we arrived.

So we got out there and made it to their house at like 6:45, then told them we only had like 45 minutes to meet because our bus home was pretty soon. But the short meeting we had was sooo powerful. Elder Guthrie bore one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard. The Spirit was so strong I felt like i was going to explode and Wiola's family felt it as well. It was amazing. So our meeting ran a little long and by the time we left we only had 6 minutes to make it to the bus stop about a half mile away. So we ran, in our suits and coats. as we were running up to the bus stop the bus pulled away, and once buses pull away here they are gone, they generally won't open the door. But this bus driver was an angel from god, so he was an exception. He stopped at a crosswalk and I waved him down and pointed to the door, and he opened it! So we kept running and got on the bus. It was a miracle.

In other news, I am in Warsaw now. Warsaw is really cool, it has super rich history and is pretty much the only modern city in Poland. We are serving in the Żoliborz area of town, you can probably find that on Google Maps and check out our area. Its pretty cool, i"m really excited. Warsaw has some perks for sure, such as we have a Chapel!!!! The only standalone chapel in Poland is the Warsaw 1 Chapel so that is cool. Its on the city maps as Kaplica Mormonów (Chapel of the Mormons) Super exciting. We also will get to spend Christmas with the Edgrens most likely which is awesome. And there are a ton of missionaries here (14, which is more than twice as many as anyh other city) so there are always people to do finding activities with.

Also Warsaw has a Metro, and our apartment is right next to a metro stop so we can get pretty much anywhere in the city in less than an hour, which is amazing because Warsaw is massive.

So yeah, that's about it for this week,

Love you all,

-Elder Everett

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