Monday, November 2, 2015

English Blitzing the Fishbowl (Week 34)


One week down in Warsaw, and its been a crazy one. This week has seriously flown by, there is so much to do in this city I don't even know where to start.

Dairy Queen in Warsaw
I guess I can start with my subject line, so last transfer here in Warsaw Elder Jeffs and Elder Jones (who were the previous ZLs) decided they wanted to really pump up the English program here, so they printed off 20,000 English class Ulotki (fliers) and started these things called English Blitzes. It's insane, pretty much we go to this place that missionaries call "The Fishbowl" which is right by Stalin's tower and the Train station and a huge metro stop in the middle of town, and we run around like madmen talking to people about English class. It's crazy because there are so many people there. It was a bit weird at first but after seeing Elder Jeffs do it I got into the spirit. Its really fun, Elder Jeffs ran around saying things like "Bald Eagles, America, Ronald Reagan, George Washington, Alaska!" It's actually pretty effective too, the English classes here are getting pretty big.

Cemetery Selfie

So anyway, other than crazy Fishbowl blitzes we also have a bunch of cool missionary stuff going on. We so far do not have any really solid investigators (it's only been a week) but we have met a lot of cool potentials, Elder Cowley and I are trying all kinds of different things to try and get investigators. The other night (actually on Halloween) we just walked around and didn't talk to anyone for more than like 3 minutes but just shared a super quick message about Jesus then asked if we could share more of our message with their family and we actually got a couple of potential from that.
Cemetery on All-Saints Day

It is strange being in Warsaw because the church functions really well here. The Warsaw 1 branch is amazing, we barely have to do anything other than show up at church with investigators, go to missionary correlation meeting and Branch Council once a month. It is super cool. They Branch put on an open house the past 2 days so we spent almost all day at the chapel on Saturday and Sunday, but it was really worth it. We met a lot of really cool people who just randomly wanted to come see our chapel. Everyone in Warsaw knows where our chapel is by the way. If we stop someone on the street and ask if they know where the "kaplica Mormonów" is, 9/10 they will know exactly where. And lots of people are really interested because they don't know a ton about us, they just know where our church is.

I didn't leave myself a ton of time to write this email, so I apologize that it's not the best or longest. I'll try to do a little better next time!

Love you and miss you!

-Elder Everett

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