Monday, November 23, 2015

Call me Professor Elder Everett (Week 37)

Good week up here in Warsaw, we had some really cool things happen so lets get started!

I'll start with Friday because it was pretty awesome. So last week this guy that we briefly talked with on the street called us and asked us if we could teach 2 of his university classes about basic Mormon Doctrine, where our church comes from, who Mormons are in general, and about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon... so we said yes. Oh yeah, and everything was in English because it was an English class. It was super awesome, we made a PowerPoint with a bunch of scriptures and a couple Mormon Messages. The classes were only about 12-15 people and we just sat around a big table with a TV at the front. We started off with our presentation then opened it up for Q&A. It went really well, the first class was a lot lighter conversation, mostly they asked about us and what it was like living in the States, because it was an American Culture class. The second class asked us some heavy questions about deeper doctrine stuff. It was pretty fun trying to answer their questions with basic doctrine. 

After the class everyone took a Book of Mormon and we invited everyone to read and pray about it to know whether it is true. It was really cool.

We did a really fun White Board on Wednesday, it was with a pair of the Sisters near the university. It was kinda crazy because it was pouring rain and it was super windy so our whiteboard kept falling over. Also nobody wanted to talk to us because of the weather, but luckily at the very end we talked to this lady who was super interested in the Book of Mormon, and we were able to hand her off to the sisters right there. Yeah!

After the whiteboard for some unknown reason we decided to go get blizzards at Dairy Queen, that was really fun because we were already a little cold, then we went and ate a big old thing of ice cream. I started shivering basically as soon as we left DQ, it was crazy. Luckily the Dairy Queen is near the Metro Entrance so we weren't outside for very long and the Metro is warm.

In other news, we got to meet with this super cool less active named Luke. He is from the Congo in Africa, he speaks decent English, and decent Polish. He natively speaks French. We went to their house and hung out with his family, its kinda funny because he has a polish wife and his kids all speak great Polish (for children, kids generally speak really poorly until they are about 10) and he told us he wants help in learning because he doesn't understand his kids sometimes. We got to help him a little with Polish and deliver dinner that the sisters made for them. It was awesome.

Unfortunately we have run out of time! Love you!

-Elder Everett

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