Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving in Poland (Week 38)

Lots of cool things happened this week, and I am very grateful for that because it's Thanksgiving, yeah!

So I started off the week with a train ride! Mom was asked about traveling solo, we generally travel alone unless for some reason someone else needs to go to the same place. It was funny this time with the whole train thing because there was a little bit of a mix-up. So I had a train at 17:54 going to Lublin, so we went down to the train station and there was a train sitting there and the little electronic readout said "Lublin 12:30" so I figured it was a mistake and got on the train, it pulls away from the station and I am looking for my seat, which was in wagon 19, when I realize that there is no wagon 19, it ended at like wagon 10. So I ask somebody and they tell me that i'm on the wrong train. So they tried to kick me off the train at the Warsaw East train station, but I started speaking fast English at the guy and that managed to confuse him enough that he validated my ticket and I got to ride the train (English is like a get out of jail free card).

Turns out that the train I was on was running 5 hours late and my train was like 40 minutes late, so that was the reason for the confusion. Oh Poland transit...

My Exchange in Lublin was really fun, we got to have an Active member lesson with a really cool member named Irek and then went and visited this crazy family. The Dad's name was David, he was from Jordan, and the mom was polish and they had a daughter, then there was also a random couple living with them, the girl was Polish and the guy was from Turkey. It was really interesting, they told us that the Quran testifies of Christ, just most Muslims ignore the parts of the Quran that talk about it. David and the Turkish guy were Muslim, but had very strong belief in Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World, and as the son of God, which was strange, but awesome.

The Exchange was really good, I think the other Elders needed it. Elder Schwanke is the Branch President down there which is a really hard calling for missionaries because we are so young, but missionary bp's still have to deal with welfare and counseling members individually. He is super solid though, he does a really good job. I loved Lublin a lot, I would like to serve there for sure.

So I'm going to skip ahead a couple days to Thursday, on Thursday night we had Culture night! So this transfer we had a decision between 2 activities, going to see the Moscow Ballet, or going to Filip's Cabaret (Filip is a member in our branch). The Assistants and We decided to go to the Cabaret, and I'm actually glad we did. It was hilarious. We went there expecting Filip, the member, to have a little role in it. Little did we know that he actually runs it, like he is in charge. It was in this cultural center, and it was full of really old people. It was very interesting listening to Polish songs, and random jokes. I fully enjoyed it.

Also on Thursday we had Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving was awesome, we had it at the Chapel and invited the Edgrens and the Jones's. Everyone brought a dish and we had a potluck style thing. It was amazing, very very American. Elder Jeffs also cooked a goose which was awesome, I have never had goose before I don't think. His was very delicious.

Other than that there was nothing super crazy, it has been cooling down a little bit. It snowed in Lublin for a couple hours, then for like 5 minutes here in Warsaw. 

And I am out of time for this week, Love you!
-Elder Everett

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