Monday, May 4, 2015

"Nie mam czasu" or "Nie, jękuje, jestem Catholicem" - every Pole ever (Week 9)


So this is my first week in the country and it has been super interesting. I am currently in Kraków and I love it here. My companion is Elder Wynne from Georgia and he is super nice and really awesome. We are white washing the area which means that neither myself nor my companion have ever been to Krakow, so neither of us know the area or the members.

My MTC district at the mission home in Warsaw
On Tuesday I arrived in Poland. That night we went out contacting with the office elders/APs and it was really fun. I got in my first ever conversation with Jehovahs Witnesses. (They are really fun because they try so hard to Bible bash) I didn't realize what was going on because I didn't understand anything anyone said my first day, but afterwards I realized that they were J-Dubs. By the way, Jehovahs Witnesses are the 2nd biggest religion in Poland I think. They are everywhere and they always try and talk to us if they see us. We try not to because if you get into a conversation with a JW, it is going to be 30+ minutes that is completely unproductive. I feel bad saying that but it really is a waste of time.

Street contacting in Warsaw on our day of arrival in Poland
On Wednesday after we got to our area in Krakow, I did my first ever Whiteboard, which is basically where we go into a heavy foot trafic area, set up a whiteboard that has an intersting Word/Phrase/Question on it and go contact people and ask them about what is on the whiteboard. It is fun because people are much more willing to talk to us. A lot of the time they will come up to us and ask us what we are doing just out of curiosity. And that is when we hit them with a big old dose of Gospel. It's really an awesome activity. Plus it is Solo Contacting so I get to practice my Polish.

We had service on Friday which was awesome. We helped out at a soup kitchen for a while, which was really great.

My trainer (Elder Hunter Wynne) and I
Another little miracle was Saturday. So Friday-Saturday was a Holiday in Poland and so there were tons of people hanging out around the river, so we decided to go talk to them. It ended being that we taught more lessons that day than the whole rest of our week which was awesome. And we got a referral! Like from someone who went on and requested a Book of Mormon. Apparently that never happens here. We have yet to be able to get into this person's apartment building but hey, we try every day and maybe one day someone will leave the gate open or something.

The Rynek in Krakow.  Largest medieval town square in Europe.
Yesterday was actually really hard for me. The reason I am saying this is because I want to show how much the Lord loves us and can be there to pick us up when we are getting down. Basically the day went as follows: We had a lesson planned, but the Investigator called us to say he was not interested in meeting with us. Then we spent about 5 hours through the rest of the day tracting/street contacting but not a single person was willing to talk for more than 30 seconds. By about 8 o'clock we were feeling pretty down on ourselves so I went ahead and said a little prayer that somebody would be willing to talk with us. A couple minutes later we got a phone call from a member in the ward who wanted to set up a dinner appointment with us! Not quite what I had in mind but it was seriously amazing. Then not too long after that a girl on the street gave us her phone number (despite her boyfriend trying to get her not to) so we could talk with her later! It was seriously a relieving end to the day. A little tender mercy of the Lord to make sure we didn't go home disappointed.

Anyway, I don't have a ton of time today but next week i think I will have more. I love you family!

-Starszy Everett

P.S. The phrases in the subject line mean "I have no time" and "No thank you, I am catholic"

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