Thursday, May 21, 2015

P-day at Auschwitz (Week 11)

Main gate at Auschwitz
Prisoner uniforms
Alright, this week was pretty sweet and had a lot going on, so here we go. On Monday after I emailed you we had 2 lessons set up for that night. Unfortunately our first one fell through :( but the second guy came and it was a really good lesson, his name is Marek and he was super interested. He loved the way we believe about Original Sin and Adam and Eve. The lesson went really well, unfortunately he called us on Saturday and told us his girlfriend didn't want him to talk with us anymore. It's okay though, we will try and get in contact with him in a couple of weeks because he committed to continue reading the Book of Mormon.

On Tuesday we went solo contacting as a district, so basically stand in a park and talk to people. I taught 2 lessons to people, which is amazing because It was entirely in Polish and I taught them about the restoration, I gave out a Book of Mormon and met a guy whose Grandma is actually a member, I committed him to come to Church but he didn't come this week. Maybe next week.

Thursday was really really fun. It was pouring hard, and when my companion and I left the apartment we were sure we would be fine so we didn't bring umbrellas. We basically went out to the edge of our Area and went tracting. After we tracted a couple hours we went to go visit an inactive who lives out there, at this point we were soaking wet but we knocked on her door and talked to her for a couple minutes. She is actually the Aunt of the guy I met on Monday which is pretty cool. She said she was attending a First Communion for one of her sons friends yesterday so she couldn't come to church but she committed to come next week.

These are empty gas canisters used on prisoners

By the way, on Friday we found this box in our closet full of quotes. So we decided to start pulling quotes of the day and our first one was this one by Ronald Reagan. I really enjoyed it.

Saturday was the Baptism of Sylwia (Silvia). She is super cool and really loves that Church and is going to be an awesome member. One of her friends Paweł was there too, he has been an Eternal Investigator for about 2 years, he is super awesome and I really like him. He always comes to English Class but for some reason thinks hes Atheist. I invited him to come street contacting with Starszy Wynne and I on Sunday and he agreed to come.

He came with us on Sunday and it was really cool because we had the chance to bear testimony to him about how we learned that God is there and that he loves us, and I think he really felt the Spirit. I love Paweł and so everyone pray for him that he will decide he wants to get baptized.

Sculpture honoring those who starved here
Wall of Death used by firing squads

Also on Sunday we had Branch Missionary Night! Everyone in the Branch was supposed to bring a friend, and we would share a spiritual thought then hang out with everyone. It ended up being Starszy Wynne and myself, the Sisters, Sylwia, Paweł, and the Branch Mission Leader. But it was awesome nonetheless. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and I think everyone felt the Spirit and learned something. Hopefully next time we do Branch Missionary Night will be a better turnout though...

Today we went to Auschwitz, it was really disturbing. It is so different learning about that kind of stuff in school then going to the real place and soaking in the horrible reality of a genocide on that scale. It is definitely something worth seeing once, but not something I have any inclination to go do again.

Alright, that was my week in a nutshell

Love you!
-Starszy Everett

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