Monday, May 25, 2015

The Week without Power (Week 12)

Alright, where to start with this week. I guess Monday is a good place. On Monday we met with Marcin (March-een) he was met on a whiteboard about a week ago and he is super awesome and super prepared. Marcin is set to be Baptized on the 20th of June, which is awesome. We had łukasz on the lesson with Marcin and he was awesome because łukash was baptized only like 7 months ago so he could bear powerful testimony on the importance of baptism. Marcin rides a motorcycle and is freaking awesome, I love him.

Wednesday was fun, we spend the morning contacting people by the river, then we got to hang out with Sister Allowitz while her companion was on a bus coming back from Katowice (Sister Al's comp is STL so she goes on Exchanges) and then we got to go to English. English is interesting, because we are "teaching" these people English, but when you get down to it, we honestly don't know the rules behind our own language. So we tried to teach about the difference between The and A and it was really hard. The lesson turned into them making up sentences using The or A and us telling them if it made sense because we couldn't figure out when we use articles. By the way Polish has no articles so it is very difficult for Poles to grasp this concept.

After English my Exchange with Elder Ahlander started, it was fun because neither of us speak very good Polish, but the fact that we didn't fail utterly bore testimony to me that you don't need to speak the language to preach the gospel. For example, on Thursday we had another lesson with Marcin about the Plan of Salvation and it was Elder Ahlander and myself, no member on the Lesson so we had very little Polish between us. But we managed to say everything we wanted and even cleared up a couple of questions Marcin had about some things. It was awesome!

Friday was my Birthday, it was pretty cool. We got to start the day off at the Soup Kitchen doing service which is always fun because the people there are awesome. They are so willing to help with our Polish and just talk to us, which is wonderful. I love that even though we are Mormon Missionaries, and they are devout Catholics (some of them are priests) we get along perfectly and are actually pretty good friends. Speaking of priests, the other elders have an Investigator who is a priest in North Krakow, he has his own church and is apparently a pretty big deal but he is taking the missionary lessons and committed to read the Book of Mormon... I really don't know how they are managing that/ if they really should be teaching a priest, but he keeps asking them to come back. He also keeps giving the other elders books about his chapel. There is one that is all pictures of the time a Cardinal came from the Vatican and blessed everything/everyone in the Chapel. It's pretty awesome.

Oh yes, the title. This week our power has not worked... or at least not well. Every once in a while all the lights in our apartment will shut off and we need to go flip the switch in the circuit breaker outside our apartment because something in the kitchen is causing the circuit to break. It's really annoying and sometimes we cant get the power to work for several hours. So basically we cant buy any perishables because our fridge doesn't work about half the time... Not very fun.

Alright, that's all I got. The reason I'm on so early today is because we are going to this place called Green Castle (I think that's what missionaries call it. the real name is Ogrodzieniec) and we are going to meet up with the Katowice missionaries to play Capture the Flag. After that I am going on an exchange in Kato with Elder Berdick (sp?) and Elder Summers is going down to Krakow. It's going to be awesome. I will be in Katowice through Wednesday then we are going up to Warsaw on Thursday for Zone Conference (combined with the Warsaw 1 and 2 Zones) then the Exchange will end after that. So I will not be in Krakow until Friday.

Anyway, that's everything exciting over here in Poland. I love you very much Family and will write you all letters soon!

-Starszy Everett

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