Monday, May 18, 2015

Pigeon Evictions (Week 10)


I guess I will start off today by explaining the title of this email. On Thursday we got a call from our Landlord Michal saying that we needed to evict the pigeons from our porch and clean of all the poop that they had left. Something you need to understand is that these pigeons have lived here longer than us, they have a full blown nest and the balcony has about a quarter inch thick layer of poop. So anyway, on Thursday we had to spend about an hour and a half cleaning that, so that was really fun. Some people were supposed to come today and put a pigeon net up over our porch but they never did, oh well.

Polish Book of Mormon now available in large print...
On Tuesday I had my first ever lesson that didn't fall through!!!! We met this college guy named Lukasz (Woo-kash) while tracting and he was really interested in the plan of salvation so we gave him a brochure and set up to meet with him on Tuesday. We got there and sat down to talk with him and the first thing he tells us was that he thought about it and he decided that he didn't want to switch from Catholicism so he didn't want to meet with us anymore. He let us teach our lesson, and the Spirit was really strong, but we couldn't set up for a second meeting :( It's okay though because I know the spirit is working on him and we are going to call him at some point and set up with him again.

Also on Tuesday on a much happier note we taught 9 lessons (Lukasz + 8 on the street) It seemed like the Lord know we were bummed about Lukasz so he put in our path every person in Krakow who is willing to hear about the Gospel. We more than doubled our goal for the day as far as lessons taught (we usually set a goal for 1 per hour that we are going to spend contacting). It was a huge moral booster.

Just remembered an amazing Miracle moment we had. So my companion and I were contacting in the park talking to this guy on a bench when out of nowhere a girl comes up and joins the conversation. She had about 10 facial piercings, was wearing all black, and was probably the palest person I have ever seen, I was honestly frightened. So anyways this girl listens to our conversation for about  a minute then she reaches into her backpack pulls out a worn Book of Mormon with a missionary tag on the cover and bears testimony to the guy we were talking with that what we were saying was true and that if he would listed to our message it would bring him more happiness than anything in this life, because that is what happened in her life. The guy wasn't interested but we talked with the girl afterwards and found out she is a member! She said she hadn't been to church in a while but would come on Sunday, which she did. We talked with the sisters about her and apparently she was a less active recent convert that they had been working with and it was actually a small miracle that she came to church. She was really awesome after I got past the whole Goth look thing.

I don't have a ton of time but I will tell a little about the Zone training we had on Wednesday. We went up to Katowice (beautiful) and learned about how we need to learn to have greater love for ourselves, our companions, and the Polish People. It was a really good lessons and in the middle we went outside and spent 15 minutes just sitting and absorbing the sights, sounds, smells, and bueaty of Poland. It was really cool to just sit back and think about how cool Poland is.

Anyways, I'm out of time but I love you and next week you get to hear about Auschwitz (i might not have a ton of email time though.)

love you,

Starszy Everett

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