Monday, August 10, 2015

Masakra (Week 23)

Alright everyone, batten down the hatches and get ready for this weeks email!

So I'll start by explaining my title. Masakra literally translates to Massacre in polish, its kinda like a slang word but its funny because Polish people use it all the time. Like if we are teaching a first lesson and talk about the Apostasy we will be like "Sadly many things have changed over such a long time" and the Pole will agree saying "Yeah, Massacre". Its pretty funny.

We went to Zakopane hiking
So Tomasz, our investigator is making some good progress. We had a lesson on Monday right before Family Home Evening in which we talked about the Plan of Salvation. He then came to FHE and played card games with us/ talked about family history. It was super cool. Then later in the week on Friday we got a call from him saying that he wanted to meet in 20 minutes at the chapel and that he was bringing his friend. Sadly we were about an hour outside the city. We managed to get to the Chapel at about 20:10 but they decided to go grab something to eat, so by the time they got back to the chapel it was 20:30 only 30 minutes before we had to go home. So we taught a quick first to his friend Kasia and gave her a book of Mormon then read a chapter from Alma and called it a night. It was cool though because right as we walked outside the building a 304 bus came which is a miracle because that bus only has 2 stops between the chapel and our house and so we weren't late getting home, which is awesome.

So Tuesday was kinda funny because we spend like 2 hours working with the Polish Bureaucracy to get a permit to put up these banner things on the Planty park which surrounds the rynek. We use them when we contact there but apparently we need a permit. So we went to the first Urząd government building then they gave us 2 different building to try. We tried both and no luck, they ended up telling us that we could apply for a permit but we would never get it because the Planty is some kind of Cultural park and they don't give anyone permits. So that was a bummer. But it was funny because while we were waiting in an office some guy came in and dropped off a big stack of folders full of paperwork. My companion made the comment "Government..." and the guy at the desk started laughing because apparently he spoke English. It was funny. Gave us some comedic relief from the whole having to deal with Government.

Okay, sorry this email is short. I cant think of any other crazy good stories from this week so I'm probably going to end it here.

Do Zobaczenia!

Starszy Everett

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