Monday, August 17, 2015

Tour de Pologne (Week 24)

Alrighty, hello everyone! As a heads up, next week P-day is on Tuesday because they are putting transfers on Monday, so expect my email then. Its been a good week over here in Poland. I'll start off from Monday I guess.

So on Monday we went to the Gorbachev's (that isn't actually their name I cant remember what it actually is but it sounds like that "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!") for FHE. It is fun because they have little kids who are crazy, it is pretty funny interacting with them because they don't speak any English or Polish, only Ukrainian and Russian. It was funny because we were told we didn't have to prepare a lesson, because Allison (the nanny) was going to prepare one, but it turned out she didn't so I gave an on the fly lesson. It was pretty good, but I realized about halfway through my lesson that I kept addressing the kids when they understood 0 of what I was saying.

Tour de Pologne
Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty normal, we spend some time doing group contacting and some time out in this neighborhood outside the city tracting.

Wednesday was actually really funny because it was raining, but we still decided to go out to a local park with the other elders and do some contacting. To be honest we were not expecting anyone to be in the park due to the rain. But it was honestly the most productive contacting session ever. It was amazing, there were so many people who stopped to talk to us and we got people's phone numbers and gave out book of mormons. I was so surprised.

Oh yeah, I totally didn't talk about culture night last week. We spent the night watching a bike race called the Tour de Pologne. It was fun, we just kinda hung out and ate kebabs and watched people go really fast past us on Bikes.

So also on Wednesday we had English. Only 1 person showed up which was łukasz, who is already a member. So we went contacting with him. We were helping him read the Restoration Brochure in English. Meaning he was reading a Polish Brochure out loud in English. It was pretty cool.

I had an exchange with Elder Jackson on Thursday and Friday, we did some really good work and I also got my haircut while we taught a less active lesson to this girl named Klaudia. It was super cool.

On Sunday I gave a talk in church which was good. I decided that my talks are terrible if I write them out verbatim, so I'm going to stop doing that. I figured it would help me because I am bad at polish, but honestly it just made it worse.

Okay, I am running short on time. I love you and miss you!

-Elder Everett

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